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Fixed Distance Reader

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I. Product Profile:

Product Name: Hemispherical Fixed Distance Card Reader

Product model: CB-QX01

The self-developed "fixed-distance" RFID technology is used to achieve accurate fixed-distance card reading. It can be applied to vehicles, electric vehicles, residential access control, garage access control, barrier-free attendance system, home-school communication, etc. It can also be built-in 13.56M chip compatible with one-card access control, attendance and consumption system.

2. New technology (fixed distance):

Fixed Distance: As the name implies, the effective distance of the reader when reading and writing the card is constant, which can be fixed distance, not affected by external factors such as time, space, temperature and humidity.

3. Product characteristics:

A. Accurate card reading distance can be set in the range of 3 meters

B. It has anti-collision function, can be fixed distance, can read multiple cards at the same time, no direction and no dead angle.

C. The system responds quickly. When it is used to swing the brake, the electric vehicle or motorcycle can pass smoothly and efficiently.

D. When used for channel gates, the traffic speed of personnel in turn is fast, and there is no interference between adjacent channels.

E. Free card, easy to use, easy to use, cards can be placed on your body or backpack at will.

Technical parameters:

Dimension: 174mm X 106 mm X 78 mm

Weight: 300g

Working temperature: - 40 ~ + 80 degree C

Working Voltage: 11-13V

Operating Frequency: Dual-Frequency Mode UHF: 300-450MHz Ultra-Low Frequency: 124.8KHz

Modulation: ASK

Recognition speed: 10pcs/s (channel mode 5pcs/s)

Interval time of card reading: < 100ms (channel mode < 200ms)

Card reading distance: 0.5-3 M 4 gears adjustable

Recognition angle: omnidirectional (360 degrees)

Encryption of space communication: The information security of space communication signal can be guaranteed by multiple encryption.

Collision Avoidance Agreement: Multiple Fixed Range Cards can be read and written simultaneously (unlimited number)

User Password: Self-configurable (6-digit password)

Interface: 1 RS485, 1 Wiegand26, 1 relay interface, 1 external trigger interface

Serial Port Communication Baud Rate: 9600 BPS (Gate Gate) 38400 BPS (Upper Computer)

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